TAG-MC’s leadership is composed of experts in incident, crisis, ops management and command and control centers..

Abdul A Jaludi, Co-Founder, developed and implemented the command center, incident managment and monitoring strategy at Citigroup. He is also the author of two books, The Art of Process Improvement and the only book on the subject, Command Center Handbook: Proactive IT Monitoring.

His innovations have resulted in one of the most efficient command center environments in the world.

Thomas Kennedy, Co-Founder,,was appointed Field Intelligence Supervisor / FBI Liaison during the World Trade Center Attack rescue, recovery and investigative operations. He has served as a Department of State and Department of Defense Employee in Iraq and Afghanistan for five years embedded with US Army 82nd and 101st Air Assault Divisions and USMC 1st, 2nd Marine Divisions as a counter terrorism, counter IED expert with additional expertise in Tactical Operations Command Centers, Intelligence analysis, tactical site exploitation, crisis management and emergency response.