As your organization grows in size so does its dependence on IT. High churn rates, unacceptable levels of poor client experience or below industry average profit margins may point to technology as the cause of or having a contributing role. An optimized proactive command center can help improve your customers experience by fixing issues before they become visible to the customer and preventing poor code or untested applications from going into production, where they will do more harm than good.


“The case studies are a must-read for executives to understand the pitfalls of an unmonitored environment, and the benefits of an optimized IT environment…”
-Anonymous, Chief Information Officer, Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

Command Center Handbook: Proactive IT Monitoring: Protecting Business Value Through Operational Excellence (168 pgs., paperback, Milford Press) is written by TAG-MC CEO and founder Abdul A Jaludi, an expert in the command center and IT operations arena. The book serves as an executive guide for building an optimized operational environment, exploring innovative solutions for reducing IT related faults and expenses with analysis and case studies from the financial services industry, where an optimized IT environment is a must, providing recommendations on how companies can effectively increase IT operational efficiency to improve client experience, drive the bottom-line and positively impact the overall business.

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