TAG-MC command center services range from expert consulting to a complete command center build. We assess your needs and budget to offer the best “Custom fit” technology available today. We work in concert with your personnel to help design, build, implement and subsequently support your new command center, anywhere in the world.

TAG-MC offers alternatives to building new command centers.  Our team will assess your needs to determine if your company’s space requirements can be met by expertly reconfiguring your existing command center, ultimately saving you time and money.

Command Center / Data Center Harmonization
Data Center consolidation and modernization can impact business operations and should be an integral component of a coordinated command center strategy. TAG-MC will help you harmonize your command center strategy to reduce or eliminate potential disruptions as you execute data center modernization.

Merging / Moving Command Centers
Successfully merging command centers, regardless of the size, can be a very arduous and disruptive task. Rest assured, our team of experts have effectively moved command centers across continents Our services range from consulting, to surveying, planning, coordinating, integrating and executing the entire project.

Let's not forget the main function of the Command Center – Monitoring. . We can analyze your alerting systems to determine if everything that should be alerting is, in fact, alerting. Our team will streamline your event management so that false alerts are minimized, allowing the optimal allocation of operational resources to focus on critical alerts and preventing outages.